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As said by Paul Graham “Object-oriented programming offers a sustainable way to write spaghetti code. It lets you accrete programs as a series of patches.”
The programming process has evolved through phases. The advent of structured programming techniques did enforce some discipline on the programmer’s way. With a change in the tradition of programming, the change was to emphasize more on Data. This brought up a concept of Object Oriented Programming using C++.
OOP has become a fundamental part of software development. Thanks to the ubiquity of languages like Java and C++, you can’t develop software for mobile unless you understand the object-oriented approach. The same goes for serious web development, given the popularity of OOP languages like Python, PHP, and Ruby.

Get to grips with OOP, however, and you’ll see that it’s a whole new way of solving problems. The basic concept is that instead of writing a program, you create a class, which is a kind of template containing variables and functions. Objects are self-contained instances of that class, and you can get them to interact in fun and exciting ways.
In B. S. Anangpuria Institute of Technology & Management at our department of Bachelors of Computer Application, we make our students understand

“One may not be a great programmer, but can be just a good programmer with great habits.”
And to bring those discipline the lab begins with familiarizing students with the OOPs environment, guide them with the programming syntax and rules with the clearance of options and methods to do things where they understand what is better and what is the stereotype.

The lab next works on Abstracting Mechanism where it includes concepts and programs for constructors, destructors, member functions and static members. Next, it drives the concept of Memory Management that includes programs on object copying, deleting, copy constructor and assignment operators.
After students have had their hands on basic concepts with derived classes and base classes the class deals with one of the major advantage of OOPs which is Reuse of code through Inheritance and different types of inheritance.
Also, the next big advantage of C++ taken in class is Polymorphism which is the biggest flexibility tool available in programming languages. Also, the concept is carried forward with Virtual functions, Friend functions, etc.
The further important pro of OOPs is the Exception handling which gives a fault-tolerant programming mechanism. To give the lab a wrap Template classes and their functions are included.
We at Department of Bachelors of Computer Applications make sure that at the completion of this lab, they will be able to understand the concept of Object Oriented world and its real-time implementations. Where they are aware of the importance of it in terms their applications in today’s IT world of designing and implementation of mobile apps, websites, etc.