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The department of Bachelor's of Computer Application at BSAITM

About Bachelor of Computer Applications

The Bachelor of Computer Application course is formed in the year 2005 is approved by UGC and affiliated to YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad. It was formerly affiliated to M.D University Rohtak, Haryana. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a 3-Years Bachelor’s Degree in computer science and is popular among the students who want to make their career in the IT (Information Technology) field. Fast growing information technology and communication systems have become critical components of almost every company’s strategic plan. Companies which want to take advantage of the new information technologies and communication systems require expert professionals, who can apply computer science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology. BCA Course is an undergraduate program where students are exposed to various areas of computer applications including the latest developments in the industry. BCA in B.S.A.I.T.M. is a perfect blend of extensive practical work and analysis of case studies.

It comprises of the subjects like a database, networking, data structure, core programming languages like ‘C’ and ‘java’. This provides a thorough knowledge of Networking and Programming concepts and practices with particular emphasis on the relation model. This course provides a lot of opportunities to the students who are interested in the computer field and wants to work in the IT sector as programmer or software developer.